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The Auto Attendant is a powerful automated service that replaces the need for a receptionist. You can create multiple profiles for your auto attendant to make it easy to switch between specific schedules and recordings.

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Auto Attendant Worksheet -
Use this work sheet to help you define your auto attendant's rules and recordings including lunch hour and holidays.

About Auto Attendant Profiles
About Auto Attendant Profiles
Use a profile to define how your auto attendant will behave when calls come in. A Profile lets you define recordings, phone menu options and business schedules to create a complete set of instructions for your auto attendant. Within one profile, you can specify recordings, menu options and schedules for business hours, after-business hours, holidays and more.

Why create more than one profile?

Most businesses only need one auto attendant profile. However, there are two common reasons for creating more than one profile:

1. Stage and test new recordings, schedules and menu options before you push a completely new auto attendant live.

2. Seasonal businesses may want different auto attendant behavior for different times of the year. For example, a ski resort might have a Ski Season auto attendant for winter and a Summer Resort hiking/mountain biking auto attendant for summertime. Each profile can have completely different recordings, hours, menu options, etc. Just create a profile for each scenario and alternate between them as needed.

Note: Each Auto Attendant comes with a system default profile. This system default profile is overridden when you activate a new profile on your Auto Attendant.